Utility companies have different customers that categorized based on required demand. End user customers mostly divided into two groups, Residential and Industrial customers that residential customers are huge in number but small in revenue in comparison to commercial and industrial (C&I) customer which are few in number but they are big in revenue. Utilities always face many challenges to monitor those big customers for example, Illegal tamper causes high commercial losses, it is difficult to make a field visit and inspection, Delayed bill payment brings high bad debt, and High asset fail risk in case of over loading (transformer).


Hexing smart C&I metering solution integrates a broad portfolio of devices, IT hardware and software to block revenue leakage along the power distribution chain. The architecture is comprised of three layers:

Layer 1 - Low Voltage Side: Hexing designed smart meter and enclosure with complete anti-tamper facilities. And also developed a prepayment solution for small C&I customer with external breaker to disconnect power supply whenever the credit is run off.

Layer 2- Median Voltage Side: In the MV side, Hexing provides integrated metering solution with combined CT/PT devices. MV metering suit installed at the primary side of transformer makes it difficult for end user to touch and perform any illegal manipulation.

Layer 3- Master Station: Hexing C&I solution includes a multi-vendor HES, it supports interaction with MDM, CIS and other legacy system. 

  • HXT300

  • HXF300

  • DSGD8208

  • ZW32-12/630

  • HXJH3P.A2

  • HXJH3P.A3

  • HXJH3G

  • HXJH3S

Key benefits

Auto disconnection to protect asset in case of overload

Remind or Pressure end user to pay the energy bill.

MV (Medium Voltage) metering and monitoring prevents power theft.

Support Prepayment to eliminate bad debt.

Extends DSM (demand side management) to large power users.

Project value


    · 過負荷情況下,遠程拉合閘有效地保障了變壓器資產安全;

    · 提醒、催繳電費降低電力公司的壞賬水平

    · 中壓側的計量和中壓側監測都能有效阻止終端用戶的竊電行為

    · 全系列中壓預付費解決方案有效地消除了大用戶的壞賬

    · 支持對大用戶實施需求側管理,削峰填谷,提高能效和資產利用率

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